Borrowing Guidelines

The McKinley Memorial Library is pleased to offer a wide range of materials for borrowing. 
Here you will find information related to borrowing library materials, including information on Library cards, overdue fines, and other necessary rules.


CLEVNET Materials - Loan Periods, renewals and fines follow the policies of the lending libraries.
Please refer to circulation receipts for due dates of CLEVNET materials.

Item Type Item Limit Loan Period Fine per day
CLEVNET Materials Check with staff Check with staff Check with staff
Books no limit 14 days 10¢
Magazines no limit 14 days 10¢
Audiobooks 15 14 days 10¢
Music CDs 15 14 days 10¢
DVDs & Blu-Rays 15 each Adult, Children's, Non-Fiction 7 days $1.00
Hot Pick Books 2 7 days 10¢
Hot Pick DVDs & Blu-Rays 2 3 days $1.00
Videogames 1 7 days $1.00
Playaway Views 2 per household 7 days $1.00
Mobile Hotspots 1 per household 7 days $3.00
OverDrive eBooks & Audiobooks 20 21 days none

Hoopla Digital Media
There is no limit as to how many items you can have out at a time, but you may only have 8 checkouts total per month.
Once you reach 8 checkouts in a month, you may not borrow any more until the month rolls over.
There are no fines associated with hoopla items.

Hoopla Item Type Loan Period
ebooks, Audiobooks & Comics 21 days
Digital Music 7 days
Digital Movies & TV 3 days


Library card borrowing privileges will be suspended if you have items overdue or if you owe fines and/or fees over $5.00.

If your account becomes 42 days past due, you will be referred to a collection agency. In addition to your outstanding library account balance, a $15 fee will be attached to recover collection costs.

Patrons may pay library fines at the Library, or pay fines online by logging into their CLEVNET account on the catalog.

Seniors and disabled patrons are exempt from the 10¢ per day overdue fine, but will be charged the Audio Visual fines listed above.

Fees are charged for items that are returned damaged.


Holds are permitted on all Library materials, except Hot Picks, Mobile Hotspots, Playaway Views and Video Games.

Holds may be placed in person, via telephone, or online. 

Holds must be picked up within five (5) days.


Most items* can be renewed up to 3 times. Items that are on hold for another patron cannot be renewed. Items will be automatically renewed up to the renewal limit, unless there is a hold on the item for another patron.

* The following items cannot be renewed: Hot Picks, Mobile Hotspots, and Playaway Views.


Patrons may choose to receive hold and overdue library notices by telephone or email. Text messaging is also available by opting into the service (see below).

Overdue notices will be sent to delinquent borrowers. The final notice will be mailed. Patrons who owe $50 or more due to unreturned library materials will also receive a bill from a collection agency.

Courtesy notices are sent to patrons who receive their notices via email or text. These courtesy reminder notices are sent three days before an item is due.

Learn more about opting into NetNotice, a text messaging service.


Please inform the library of a change of name or address as soon as possible. Be sure to bring identification to verify your changes.


Report a lost card immediately so that you will be protected.

The charge to replace a lost card is $1.50.


Patrons are allowed only 1 claimed returned item. If the item claimed to be returned is not found by the Library and the item reaches "billed" status, the patron will be responsible for paying to replace it.


In accordance with the Ohio State Privacy Law and McKinley Memorial Library Policy, a designated viewer must be listed on your Library account and he/she must have your Library card in order to pick up your reserved items or to pay your fines.

In accordance with the Ohio State Privacy Law, we are not permitted to discuss the following issues over the phone with you - they must be discussed in person:

  • Stating the titles of the items that have arrived for you.
  • Giving or changing your P.I.N. (your 4-digit password used to log in to your CLEVNET account).

Once you log in to your CLEVNET account, you are able to view your account, including what you have requested and what has arrived, as well as change your password/P.I.N.