Deterra Drug Deactivation Bags

Free Deterra Drug Deactivation Bags

Almost half of all opioid misuse starts with a friend or family member's prescription. Cleaning out old, unused medicine from your home is a primary defense in preventing prescription drug abuse. 

McKinley Memorial Library is offering free drug deactivating bags as an effort to discourage opiate abuse and to offer an environmentally safe way to dispose of unused or old medications. Deterra Drug Deactivation bags are available while supplies last at the library through collaboration with Ohio’s SafeRx Collaborative. 

How To Use A Deterra Drug Deactivation Bag:

1. Pick up a free bag at McKinley Memorial Library.

2. Clean out your medicine cabinet of unused or unwanted medications (over the counter as well as prescription).

3. A Deterra bag will hold 45 pills -OR- 6 fluid ounces -OR- 6 patches. Place appropriate amount in bag.

4. Fill  half the bag with warm water.

5. Wait 30 seconds and seal bag. Shake mildly.

6. Dispose of bag in trash. 

7. Complete the postcard and mail it.

Returned postcards will be compiled into a report that will let us know how much medication was successfully and safely removed from our area. While demographic information is requested for grant purposes, there is no identifying (name/address) information required.

Please help keep this program successful by returning the postage paid card attached to the bag.

The Library carries Deterra Bags to help you discard those medications in the convenience of your home.